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Family Reunion Cruises - With a Unique Flair! Perfect for Your Family.
Why is a cruising family reunion perfect for your family? And what's so special about OUR reunion cruises? Read on...

We can plan the perfect family reunion cruise for your family, where everyone is the guest of honor and no one has the hassle of cooking, cleaning up and planning the entertainment. And a family reunion cruise is cost-effective, too! Want to make this reunion really memorable for years to come? We offer the services of an experienced family historian, who will spend time with your family members to record their life story and preserve it on audio tape, or transcribe it into pages that will get passed down through the generations. More about that later.

Is your family coming in from all over the country? No problem. We can make all the arrangements for everyone to travel from their home city and meet onboard your beautiful, distinctive floating family reunion ship. There is so much your family can do together -- and opportunities to get away from it all too.

Children can spend as much time as they would like in the ship's day camp, where children are grouped by age and treated to age appropriate activities.

Miss your daily work-out? No way! Our ships have the very latest in exercise facilities as well as classes and instruction, all included in the price.

And oh! the cuisine. Adult and kid-oriented food at every meal, including heart healthy choices and diet crashing desserts. We give you tons of dining choices and of course you sit with your whole family.

Nightly entertainment, dancing of all kinds, a professional photographer to take that group photo -- it's all onboard your luxury reunion resort.

As a very special and unique feature of our family reunions, we will set up a private web site just for your family reunion. This site will have constantly updated information on dates, rates, and other details. We will put the picture of your group leader(s) on the site for a very welcoming look for your computer-savvy family. We handle all aspects of your reunion, from planning to collecting money, to escorting your group if you would like, so that we can ensure that everything is perfect.

Also, we offer you the optional services of a family historian. On these special cruises, you can relax, sightsee, and have your family history recorded all at the same time! Have you ever said: "I wish we had Grandma's recorded voice." "You must write down that story." "If only we knew more about Dad's history." "Can you tell me about my roots?" Now you can have your family history preserved at the same time that you have your family reunion vacation on the cruise of your choice. Family Historian, Roberta Benor, founder of Let Us Remember, can be onboard to teach you how to interview your family members, or she can conduct the interviews for you and preserve her interviews on audio cassette or CD. Roberta has extensive experience in recording and preserving life stories. Her insightful questioning and sensitive listening have established her outstanding reputation in the Washington, DC, area. Imagine at the end of the cruise having memories of a terrific vacation, quality time with the family, and, as a bonus, a life story to give to the children, grandchildren, and future generations. Celebrate your family as you preserve its history.

Call us or email today for more information and start planning your next no-work family reunion.


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