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2024 : Danube Waltz : Budapest to Passau

Cruise to enchanting destinations

Soak up soothing steam at a Budapest thermal bath. Learn to waltz at a Viennese dance school. Savor Austro-Hungarian cuisine in Vienna and Budapest. Admire the Wachau Valley's beauty. Explore lesser-known Central European cities like Bratislava and Passau. Witness daily life in an abbey on an exclusive visit to Gottweig. This 8-day itinerary reveals the best of these places, while cruising leisurely through spectacular scenery.

Day By Day

Day 1 - Budapest, Hungary

Riverside beauty, a vibrant cultural scene and elegant Art Nouveau architecture converge in Budapest.

Day 2 - Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is aptly called 'Paris of the East' for its beautiful evening illumination and reflected lights in the Danube's waters.

Day 3 - Bratislava, Slovakia

The capital of Slovakia, Bratislava is filled with lovingly restored baroque city palaces and dominated by an enormous castle 300 feet above the Danube.

Day 4 - Vienna, Austria

The capital city of Austria, Vienna is filled with green parks, upscale stores, theaters and gracious boulevards.

Day 5 - Krems, Austria

The crown jewel of the Wachau Valley is the splendid Benedictine Abbey of Gottweig, a working monastery for more than 900 years.

Day 6 - Linz, Austria

Originally known as Lentia in its days as a 1st-century Roman castle-settlement, Linz is today's provincial capital of Upper Austria.

Day 7 - Passau, Germany

Founded by the Celts more than 2,000 years ago, Passau is one of Bavaria's oldest cities.

Day 8 - Passau, Germany

Set at the confluence of the Inn, Ilz and Danube Rivers, enchanting Passau is home to elegant colored buildings and graceful arcades.

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Cruise LineViking River Cruises
OfferOffer valid through 3/31/2023
8 Days
Cruise Ship
Viking Embla
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Day 1Budapest  
Day 2Budapest  
Day 3Bratislava  
Day 4Vienna  
Day 5Krems  
Day 6Linz  
Day 7Passau  
Day 8Passau  
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DateDescriptionPrice FromQuote
March 31, 2024Category F$2,299.00 (USD)Quote
March 31, 2024Category E$2,399.00 (USD)Quote
March 31, 2024Category D$2,799.00 (USD)Quote
March 31, 2024Category C$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
March 31, 2024Category B$3,299.00 (USD)Quote
March 31, 2024Category A$3,499.00 (USD)Quote
March 31, 2024Category AA$4,499.00 (USD)Quote
March 31, 2024Category ES$5,499.00 (USD)Quote
April 14, 2024Category F$2,499.00 (USD)Quote
April 14, 2024Category E$2,599.00 (USD)Quote
April 14, 2024Category D$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
April 14, 2024Category C$3,199.00 (USD)Quote
April 14, 2024Category B$3,499.00 (USD)Quote
April 14, 2024Category A$3,699.00 (USD)Quote
April 14, 2024Category AA$4,999.00 (USD)Quote
April 14, 2024Category ES$5,999.00 (USD)Quote
April 28, 2024Category F$2,799.00 (USD)Quote
April 28, 2024Category E$2,899.00 (USD)Quote
April 28, 2024Category D$3,299.00 (USD)Quote
April 28, 2024Category C$3,499.00 (USD)Quote
April 28, 2024Category B$3,799.00 (USD)Quote
April 28, 2024Category A$3,999.00 (USD)Quote
April 28, 2024Category AA$5,499.00 (USD)Quote
April 28, 2024Category ES$6,499.00 (USD)Quote
May 12, 2024Category F$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
May 12, 2024Category E$3,099.00 (USD)Quote
May 12, 2024Category D$3,799.00 (USD)Quote
May 12, 2024Category C$3,999.00 (USD)Quote
May 12, 2024Category B$4,299.00 (USD)Quote
May 12, 2024Category A$4,499.00 (USD)Quote
May 12, 2024Category AA$6,499.00 (USD)Quote
May 12, 2024Category ES$8,499.00 (USD)Quote
May 26, 2024Category F$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
May 26, 2024Category E$3,099.00 (USD)Quote
May 26, 2024Category D$3,799.00 (USD)Quote
May 26, 2024Category C$3,999.00 (USD)Quote
May 26, 2024Category B$4,299.00 (USD)Quote
May 26, 2024Category A$4,499.00 (USD)Quote
May 26, 2024Category AA$6,499.00 (USD)Quote
May 26, 2024Category ES$8,499.00 (USD)Quote
June 09, 2024Category F$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
June 09, 2024Category E$3,099.00 (USD)Quote
June 09, 2024Category D$3,799.00 (USD)Quote
June 09, 2024Category C$3,999.00 (USD)Quote
June 09, 2024Category B$4,299.00 (USD)Quote
June 09, 2024Category A$4,499.00 (USD)Quote
June 09, 2024Category AA$6,499.00 (USD)Quote
June 09, 2024Category ES$8,499.00 (USD)Quote
June 23, 2024Category F$2,899.00 (USD)Quote
June 23, 2024Category E$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
June 23, 2024Category D$3,599.00 (USD)Quote
June 23, 2024Category C$3,799.00 (USD)Quote
June 23, 2024Category B$4,099.00 (USD)Quote
June 23, 2024Category A$4,299.00 (USD)Quote
June 23, 2024Category AA$6,299.00 (USD)Quote
June 23, 2024Category ES$8,299.00 (USD)Quote
July 07, 2024Category F$2,799.00 (USD)Quote
July 07, 2024Category E$2,899.00 (USD)Quote
July 07, 2024Category D$3,499.00 (USD)Quote
July 07, 2024Category C$3,699.00 (USD)Quote
July 07, 2024Category B$3,999.00 (USD)Quote
July 07, 2024Category A$4,199.00 (USD)Quote
July 07, 2024Category AA$5,999.00 (USD)Quote
July 07, 2024Category ES$7,499.00 (USD)Quote
July 21, 2024Category F$2,799.00 (USD)Quote
July 21, 2024Category E$2,899.00 (USD)Quote
July 21, 2024Category D$3,499.00 (USD)Quote
July 21, 2024Category C$3,699.00 (USD)Quote
July 21, 2024Category B$3,999.00 (USD)Quote
July 21, 2024Category A$4,199.00 (USD)Quote
July 21, 2024Category AA$5,999.00 (USD)Quote
July 21, 2024Category ES$7,499.00 (USD)Quote
August 04, 2024Category F$2,799.00 (USD)Quote
August 04, 2024Category E$2,899.00 (USD)Quote
August 04, 2024Category D$3,499.00 (USD)Quote
August 04, 2024Category C$3,699.00 (USD)Quote
August 04, 2024Category B$3,999.00 (USD)Quote
August 04, 2024Category A$4,199.00 (USD)Quote
August 04, 2024Category AA$5,999.00 (USD)Quote
August 04, 2024Category ES$7,499.00 (USD)Quote
August 18, 2024Category F$2,899.00 (USD)Quote
August 18, 2024Category E$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
August 18, 2024Category D$3,799.00 (USD)Quote
August 18, 2024Category C$3,999.00 (USD)Quote
August 18, 2024Category B$4,299.00 (USD)Quote
August 18, 2024Category A$4,499.00 (USD)Quote
August 18, 2024Category AA$6,299.00 (USD)Quote
August 18, 2024Category ES$7,999.00 (USD)Quote
September 01, 2024Category F$3,299.00 (USD)Quote
September 01, 2024Category E$3,399.00 (USD)Quote
September 01, 2024Category D$4,299.00 (USD)Quote
September 01, 2024Category C$4,499.00 (USD)Quote
September 01, 2024Category B$4,799.00 (USD)Quote
September 01, 2024Category A$4,999.00 (USD)Quote
September 01, 2024Category AA$6,999.00 (USD)Quote
September 01, 2024Category ES$8,999.00 (USD)Quote
September 15, 2024Category F$3,299.00 (USD)Quote
September 15, 2024Category E$3,399.00 (USD)Quote
September 15, 2024Category D$4,299.00 (USD)Quote
September 15, 2024Category C$4,499.00 (USD)Quote
September 15, 2024Category B$4,799.00 (USD)Quote
September 15, 2024Category A$4,999.00 (USD)Quote
September 15, 2024Category AA$6,999.00 (USD)Quote
September 15, 2024Category ES$8,999.00 (USD)Quote
September 29, 2024Category F$3,299.00 (USD)Quote
September 29, 2024Category E$3,399.00 (USD)Quote
September 29, 2024Category D$4,299.00 (USD)Quote
September 29, 2024Category C$4,499.00 (USD)Quote
September 29, 2024Category B$4,799.00 (USD)Quote
September 29, 2024Category A$4,999.00 (USD)Quote
September 29, 2024Category AA$6,999.00 (USD)Quote
September 29, 2024Category ES$8,999.00 (USD)Quote
October 13, 2024Category F$2,799.00 (USD)Quote
October 13, 2024Category E$2,899.00 (USD)Quote
October 13, 2024Category D$3,499.00 (USD)Quote
October 13, 2024Category C$3,699.00 (USD)Quote
October 13, 2024Category B$3,999.00 (USD)Quote
October 13, 2024Category A$4,199.00 (USD)Quote
October 13, 2024Category AA$5,999.00 (USD)Quote
October 13, 2024Category ES$7,499.00 (USD)Quote
October 27, 2024Category F$2,499.00 (USD)Quote
October 27, 2024Category E$2,599.00 (USD)Quote
October 27, 2024Category D$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
October 27, 2024Category C$3,199.00 (USD)Quote
October 27, 2024Category B$3,499.00 (USD)Quote
October 27, 2024Category A$3,699.00 (USD)Quote
October 27, 2024Category AA$4,999.00 (USD)Quote
October 27, 2024Category ES$5,999.00 (USD)Quote

2024 : Danube Waltz : Budapest to Passau
From $2,299.00 (USD)

Destination: Europe
Ship: Viking Embla
Cruise to enchanting destinationsSoak up soothing steam at a Budapest thermal bath. Learn to waltz at a Viennese dance school.
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